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Next Wave of Acute Care National Survey Under Way

As part of the redesigned national survey that focuses on steps in the medication-use process, ASHP will be mailing questionnaires in mid-April to a scientifically valid sample of 1,067 pharmacy directors at acute care facilities.

Recipients should promptly fill out and return the surveys, urges John P. Santell, M.S., director of the ASHP Center on Pharmacy Practice Management and staff coordinator of the project. Findings from this and similar ASHP surveys provide hospital pharmacy directors with data summarizing key operating measures, pharmacy services, and hospital trends. 

The 2000 survey covers pharmacy's monitoring of medication therapy after a patient receives it and the provision of patient education, which includes information about health conditions, treatment plans, and self-care management. 

Starting with its 1998 survey, ASHP has been reporting the status of acute care pharmacy practice on the basis of the six steps in the medication-use process: prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administration, monitoring of medication therapy, and patient education and wellness activities. The 1999 survey, covering dispensing and administration, will appear in a summer issue of the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.