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Put That 'Thank You' in Writing

Cheryl A. Thompson

Sending a thank-you letter after an interview could spell the difference between getting a job and snagging the career-starter you really want.

Granted, with an overall shortage of pharmacists, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding employment---somewhere. But if you want the interviewers at top-notch pharmacies to remember you as someone special, you need to follow proper interviewing etiquette. Write a thank-you letter no later than two days after an interview.

Career counselors generally advise job seekers to type thank-you letters in a business format. The body of the basic thank-you letter consists of the following paragraphs:

  • Appreciation for the opportunity to interview, tour the facility, and meet potential co-workers,    
  • Expression of interest in the job, which you should mention by official title in case there’s more than one employment opening,    
  • Brief restatement of your qualifications for the specific job and why you would fit in with the company (if necessary, include any important information you forgot to mention in the interview), and    
  • Interest in hearing again from the interviewer.

Limit the entire letter to a single page.

Remember, also, to thank people who wrote reference letters on your behalf and groups that gave you scholarships.

The above format can easily be adapted for writing thank-you letters to preceptors and professors who provided especially good or unique learning experiences.