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Tenn. Technicians and Pharmacists Receive Similar Benefits

Cheryl A. Thompson

Employers in Tennessee give pharmacy technicians and pharmacists similar benefits, according to a survey conducted by the pharmacy school. 

Employers pay fully for 32 percent of the responding technicians' and 25 percent of the pharmacists' health or major medical insurance. Even more of the technicians, 37 percent, have their retirement plan and travel expenses for professional meetings fully paid by employers. In comparison, about 21 percent of the pharmacists reported that their employers fully paid for these benefits. 

The self-administered survey was distributed in 1999 at the state's Pharmacy Update seminars and filled out by 96 technicians, 95 percent of whom were certified pharmacy technicians. Roughly 300 employee pharmacists filled out the survey at the seminars and a state society meeting, during exit interviews from the college, and through direct mailings to hospital pharmacies. 

Graduate student Lucie Kutikova and members of the college's pharmacy practice and pharmacoeconomics department published their findings in four parts. Information about technician compensation can be found in the November 1999 issue of Tennessee Pharmacist