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Plan a Career Path during Rotations

Cheryl A. Thompson

Use your experiential rotations to start planning your career path.

As you begin each rotation, set a goal to look beyond the specific tasks assigned to you. Think broadly. Take advantage of each experience, no matter how short, to learn more about the many types of pharmacy practice. 

You should observe the pharmacists permanently assigned to the work area. Be inquisitive. By steering conversations away from yourself and school life, you can learn how your preceptor and other pharmacists advanced through their careers and whether they enjoy what they do. Find out whether they pursued advanced-level training or education and whether they believe these efforts influenced career advancement. 

For general descriptions of what various types of health-system pharmacists do, go to the Practice Resource Areas at ASHP's Web site and click on Ambulatory Care, Acute Care, Clinical Specialists, Home Care, Long-Term/Chronic Care, Managed Care, and Practice Management.