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Team Up to Achieve Certification

Cheryl A. Thompson

Achieving national certification does not have to be a solo effort.

In Texas, where a new law requires all pharmacy technicians to be certified by Sep. 1, 2001, the ASHP-affiliated state society is promoting a team approach toward meeting this deadline. Writing in a special newsletter issue, Linda Stevens Albrecht, M.B.A., secretary for the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists, offered three keys to achieving certification of all pharmacy technicians in the state: 

  • Commitment, which employers and pharmacists can show by providing review material and scheduling time off for organized review sessions, and which technicians can show by devoting personal time to study for the exam. 
  • Proper exam preparation, which can be achieved by consulting review material. 
  • Adoption of a positive attitude toward the state's certification requirement.

Albrecht divided review material into two types: those that review the information to be covered by the certification exam, such as ASHP's Pharmacy Technician Certification Review and Practice Exam, and those designed primarily as training manuals.