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ASHP Members Invited to Comment on Proposed Professional Policies

The ASHP Board of Directors has released the proposed professional policies that will be considered by the organization’s House of Delegates when it meets in Philadelphia, June 5 and 7. Members of the organization are encouraged to review these policy proposals and comment on them in advance of the meeting. Comments may be sent to the Executive Office at ASHP headquarters, to any Board member, or to delegates from the state in which the member resides.

Members are encouraged to comment directly on the policy proposals through ASHP’s Online Forum. Please go to, and follow these instructions: 

  1. Register in the system (if you are not already registered).  
  2. Once in, click "ASHP Policy and Governance 2000." (Be careful here. There is a similar choice for 1999.)  
  3. At the list presented, click on a council.  
  4. That council's policy titles will be listed. Choose one that you wish to comment on.  
  5. Then click "Post a new message to this thread."  
  6. Compose your message, and click "Post message."

ASHP policies, which are established by members, signify what the organization stands for and how it fulfills its mission of helping pharmacists help people make the best use of medicines. This year, 35 proposals are before the House, including several to refine existing policies or discontinue outdated policies. Some of the most pressing issues in health-system pharmacy practice are addressed in the proposals, including the following issues: 

Memorandum to the Delegates of the 2000 Session of the House of Delegates from the ASHP Board of Directors: Voting Rights for Fraternal Delegates and Section Chairs

To view the individual Council reports and proposed professional policies, click here: