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Reid Elected Vice Chair of Joint Commission Home Care Committee

Cheryl A. Thompson

ASHP member J. Scott Reid, Pharm.D., has been elected to a two-year term as vice chair of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) committee that develops and refines accreditation standards and scoring guidelines for home care services.

JCAHO maintains a system of six program-specific Professional and Technical Advisory Committees (PTACs), one for each type of organization that can receive accreditation. PTAC vice chairs and chairs also serve on the committee that helps to reconcile the six PTACs' recommendations for standards, survey processes, and policies. 

As a vice chair, Reid now has the opportunity to provide input into credentialing issues. He said that JCAHO plans to start "a wholesale re-engineering of how [home care] surveys are conducted." Also of high importance this coming year for the home care PTAC, he said, is the issue of safety in health care, particularly medication use. 

Reid, who is vice president for strategic alliances at Northbrook, Ill.-based Caremark Inc., was 1997-98 chair of the ASHP Section of Home Care Practitioners and is the third ASHP member to serve on the home care PTAC.