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Look Beneath Surface When Assessing Training Programs

Katherine M. Bennett

Technicians seeking credentials need to beware of the many training programs nationwide that lack accreditation.

ASHP currently accredits 63 technician training programs, providing assurance to applicants that a program meets certain basic requirements. The goals of the Society's accreditation program are to:


  • Guide, assist, and recognize health systems and academic programs that meet ASHP's high standards, 
  • Provide criteria that prospective trainees can use in selecting a program, 
  • Assist in the advancement and professional development of technicians, and 
  • Help pharmacies identify which technicians have achieved a particular level of competency.


"Accreditation is a critical component of a program's worth to the technician," said Donald E. Letendre, Pharm.D., ASHP director of accreditation services. "By ensuring that you only participate in programs that meet these standards, you safeguard your future career opportunities." 

For a directory of ASHP-accredited technician training programs, contact the Accreditation Services Division at ext. 1329.