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Press Release

Cardinal Health, ASHP Institute Sharpens Pharmacists' Leadership Skills

Twenty-six pharmacy directors from hospitals and health systems around the country recently took part in an innovative training program to enhance their leadership and management skills. The Pharmacy Leadership Institute, a program developed by Cardinal Health Inc., in cooperation with the ASHP Center on Pharmacy Practice Management, was held at Boston University’s School of Management, May 6-11, 2000.

The Pharmacy Leadership Institute was targeted to veteran pharmacy directors with at least five years of management experience (see attached participant list). Building on the expertise of the attendees, the program combined classroom presentations, case study analyses, and small group discussions to help participants internalize the skills needed to successfully lead health-system pharmacy in the 21st century. Sessions during the training program dealt with diverse topics, including:

    • Promoting the value of pharmacy services,  
    • Decision making in turbulent times,  
    • Strategic thinking,  
    • Negotiating and collaborating with other health professionals and administrators, and  
    • Maintaining professional ethics.

The curriculum also provided significant networking opportunities, which allowed the participants to share their practice experiences and learn from their colleagues.

"I cannot imagine a better learning experience," said Robert C. Lowe, director of pharmacy services at Broughton Hospital in Morgantown, N.C., said, "I cannot imagine a better learning experience. "All aspects of the Institute were extremely well planned and implemented. I returned will go back to my institution better prepared confident in my abilities to face the leadership challenges that lie are ahead." of me."

The program is consistent with one of the Society’s priorities as articulated in its annual Leadership Agenda, to foster pharmacy leadership in health systems. Application materials for the 2001 Pharmacy Leadership Institute will be available in January. For more information about the program, contact John P. Santell, M.S., director of the ASHP Center on Pharmacy Practice Management, at (301) 657-3000, ext. 1350; visit ASHP’s Web site,; or contact Jim Hethcox, vice president for pharmacy practice, Cardinal Health Inc., at (614) 757-7580.

Cardinal Health Inc. ( is a leading provider of products and services supporting the health-care industry. Cardinal companies develop, manufacture, package, and market products for patient care; develop drug-delivery technologies; distribute pharmaceuticals and medical-surgical and laboratory supplies; and offer consulting and other services that improve quality and efficiency in health care. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, the company employs more than 40,000 people on five continents.

ASHP is the 30,000-member national professional association that represents pharmacists who practice in hospitals, health maintenance organizations, long-term-care facilities, home care, and other components of health-care systems. ASHP, which has a long and distinguished history of medication-error prevention efforts, believes that the mission of pharmacists is to help people make the best use of medicines. Assisting pharmacists in fulfilling this mission is ASHP's primary objective. The Society has extensive publishing and educational programs designed to help members improve their delivery of pharmaceutical care, and it is the national accrediting organization for pharmacy residency and pharmacy technician training programs.