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Press Release

Pharmacists Selected for Fall 1999 ASHP Foundation Anticoagulation Management Service Traineeship Program

Sixteen pharmacists will participate in the fall session of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Research and Education Foundation Anticoagulation Management Service Traineeship Program. This program, made possible through an educational grant from DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Co., of Wilmington, Del., is designed to train pharmacy practitioners to establish and maintain specialized services for the management of patients undergoing long-term anticoagulant therapy.

The five-day traineeship provides intensive instruction in organization and management, patient assessment and education, and quality control. Trainees will observe and participate in the activities of an established anticoagulation management service in a health care system. The fall session will be held Oct. 18-22. The preceptors, sites, and trainees for the fall are: 

University of California at San Diego 

Preceptors: David S. Adler, Pharm.D.; Robert Weibert, Pharm.D.; and Helen Shen. Pharm.D.

Trainees: Christine A. Price, Pharm.D., North Broward Hospital District, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Wilbert Darwin, Jr. Pharm.D., USPHS/HIS Acoma-Laguna-Canoncito Hospital, San Fidel, NM; Dawn M. Clements, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY; and Tracy E. Williams, St. Joseph Health Center, St. Charles, MO.

University of Maryland at Baltimore 

Preceptors: Stuart T. Haines, Pharm.D., BCPS, CDE; Robert Dombrowski, Pharm.D. BCPS; and Carol Baker Rudo, Pharm. D., BCPS.

Trainees: Deepika Maurya, Pharm.D. Mercy-Fitzgerald Hospital, Darby, PA; John C. Larkin, Pharm.D., St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, TN; Larry D. Gudgel, Pharm.D. United States Air Force Medical Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH.

University of Washington 

Preceptors: V. de Paul Burkhart, M.S., FASHP and Ann K. Wittkowsky, Pharm.D.

Trainees: Daphne B. Bernard, Pharm.D., Howard University School of Pharmacy, Washington, D.C.; Anna Christakos, Veterans Affairs NY Harbor Health Care-System, Brooklyn, NY; Matthew J. Young, Pharm.D., Columbia Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Idaho Falls, ID.

University of Wisconsin 

Preceptors: Christine A. Sorkness. Pharm.D. and Denise Walbrandt-Pigarelli, Pharm.D.

Trainees: Sharon K. Foust, Pharm.D., Trinity Regional Hospital, Fort Dodge, Iowa; Donna K. Harlow, Northwest Medical Center, Thief River Falls, Minn.; Susanna M. Robinson, St. Joseph Mercy Medical Clinic, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; James J. Tomsche, Pharm.D., SMDC Health System, Duluth Minn.

The program will be offered again in the spring of 2000. Applications are currently available via fax by calling the Fax-on-Demand System at 301-664-8888 and requesting documents #702 and #703. Applications may also be obtained through the ASHP Foundation's Web site at The deadline for submission is January 1, 2000. 

The ASHP Research and Education Foundation was established in 1968 by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. The mission of the Foundation is to foster research, educational, and consensus-development activities that enable health-system pharmacists to expand their capacity to help people make the best use of medicines. The Foundation gives priority to programs that will have a high impact on improving the public health.