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News from the Midyear Clinical Meeting

Kate Traynor

Technicians and pharmacists discussed issues important to pharmacy at an informal roundtable session held Dec. 7 during the 34th Annual Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibits in Orlando, Fla. About 60 attendees split into six groups to discuss the following issues: 

  • Techs checking techs, led by Lorna Woods, CPhT, Evans U.S. Army Community Hospital, Fort Carson, Colo.   
  • Expanding new roles and responsibilities for technicians, led by Angela Weeks, CPhT, North Mississippi Medical Center, Tupelo.   
  • Clinical pharmacy technicians, led by Luvell Tippet, CPhT, Carl T. Hayden Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Phoenix, Ariz.   
  • Training tips or strategies and continuing education/professional development resources, led by Fredrick Howard, Nova Factor, Inc., Memphis, Tenn.   
  • Future roles and certification for technicians, led by Jacqueline Greene, University of Mississippi, Jackson.   
  • Technicians changing directions/career opportunities for technicians, led by Doug Scribner, CPhT, TVI Community College, Albuquerque, N.M.