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Government Gives Grants to Expand Pharmacy Services

Cheryl A. Thompson

The Health Resources and Services Administration, which administers the 340B drug discount program, has awarded nearly $1.6 million in grants to help make pharmacy services available through community health centers. Each of the seven centers receiving grants will collaborate with a pharmacy school to ensure that contemporary services are incorporated into care provided by the center.

With the grants, the health centers will

  • Use videoteleconferencing equipment to establish pharmacy services between the main pharmacy and remote, isolated dispensing sites,   
  • Start disease management services for patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions,   
  • Bring pharmacy students, residents, and faculty members to the center for rotations and consultations,   
  • Link the health center with the pharmacy school's computerized health and drug information,   
  • Establish shared pharmacy information systems across the community,   
  • Study the clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes of comprehensive pharmacy services, or   
  • Create links, contracts, and training programs with community pharmacies.