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Submissions Invited for 'Dealing with Staff Shortage and Retention Issues' Program at Annual Meeting 2001

ASHP invites practitioners attending Annual Meeting 2001 in Los Angeles to prepare a brief (10-minute) presentation highlighting a tip or strategy for dealing with staff shortage and retention issues. This session—scheduled for Wednesday, June 6, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.—will be in a "pearls" format, designed to provide attendees with useful strategies to take home and implement in their health systems.

For each pearl, the speaker should discuss his or her experience in implementing innovative and creative ways to recruit and retain staff. Other topics for discussion include how the speaker’s department has been restructured or has implemented technology or automation to deal with a staff shortage. Please review the important information below regarding submission.

Session audience.

The session is designed to appeal to administrators, human resources managers, staff developers, and operations, technology, and automation pharmacy managers.

Session format and schedule.

Because this session lacks some of the academic rigor of other platform presentations, speakers will be encouraged to use a somewhat lighter, more informal presentation style than usual. Each speaker will present for 10 minutes (maximum). Once ASHP receives and processes a speaker’s paperwork, a final schedule will be sent along with the assigned presentation time and other instructions. Time will be provided for a question-and-answer period and discussion with the audience.

Session materials.

To speak at this session, complete and send the attached form (PDF) to the Educational Services Division by March 1. The speaker’s name, employer's name and city, and presentation title will be published in the meeting program exactly as the information appears on the submitted form. (Note: Speakers get bonus points for creative, catchy titles!) Each speaker must also prepare one educational objective and one multiple-choice test question (with correct answer) so that continuing-education credit can be offered for the session.

Audiovisual equipment.

Speakers will be provided with a 35-mm slide projector, screen, and pointer. Presenters may not use computer projection equipment (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint) or overhead projectors because of the time involved in changing equipment between presentations.

Keep in mind that presenting during this session is a voluntary effort and ASHP cannot waive any expenses or registration fees for participation.