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Company Recalls Antineoplastic Agent Mislabeled as Diluent

Cheryl A. Thompson

Aventis Pharmaceuticals yesterday told health care professionals and wholesalers to return certain packages of the company’s docetaxel product because a vial containing 20 mg of the drug concentrate had been labeled as diluent.

According to the "Dear Health Care Professional" letter (PDF), all cartons of Taxotere 20-mg vials from lot 0P273 and diluent vials from lots 0T446 and 0T449 should be removed from inventory. The "National Notification Center" will send a business reply card, packing slip, and return label for hospitals and private physician practices to use in returning the product. That material should arrive in an overnight package in the next three to five days, an Aventis spokeswoman said. Hospitals and physician practices will receive credit from their distributor for the returned vials.

The letter asks health care professionals to share the recall information with anyone who may have purchased 20-mg Taxotere from their facilities.