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Bernard Mehl Honored With Whitney Award

Kate Traynor

Bernard Mehl, D.P.S., FASHP, director of pharmacy at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and a highly esteemed educator and leader in the field of pharmacoeconomics, is the recipient of ASHP’s 2001 Harvey A.K. Whitney Lecture Award.

Mehl, widely recognized for his expertise in pharmacoeconomics, has authored numerous articles, including an annual forecast of drug costs published in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. The indexes he developed to monitor and control drug costs in hospitals are used by pharmacy directors and administrators to prepare their pharmaceutical budgets and by payers to determine accurate reimbursement levels for pharmaceutical services. Mehl is also noted for creating in the Mount Sinai pharmacy an analytical laboratory that provided both cost and quality analyses of generic drug products. The chemical analyses conducted in the laboratory also set the stage for the hospital’s development of quality standards.

Throughout his career, Mehl has demonstrated innovative thinking that has resulted in the introduction of cutting-edge practice techniques, including one of the first computerized drug distribution systems in New York state. Under his direction, the Mount Sinai pharmacy supported one of the first methadone treatment facilities in New York City and served as the primary site for clinical rotations for pharmacy students at Columbia and Long Island universities.

Mehl will receive health-system pharmacy’s highest honor during ASHP Annual Meeting 2001 in Los Angeles.