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New Law Allows Wisconsin Pharmacists to Take Greater Role in Patient Care

Wisconsin took a significant first step toward provider status this month as Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation that allows pharmacists to take on patient care services.

Wisconsin Act 294 allows licensed pharmacists to perform patient care services delegated to them by a licensed physician. The new law reinforces the state’s existing collaborative practice authority for pharmacists. Wisconsin’s collaborative practice law allows pharmacists to initiate, modify, or discontinue drug therapy based on authority granted by the state medical examining board. The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin worked to secure passage of the legislation.

Expansion of pharmacists’ scope of practice complements efforts at the federal level. Legislation supported by ASHP, H.R. 4190, will recognize pharmacists working within their state pharmacy practice acts as providers under Medicare Part B. This is particularly important as ASHP and the Patient Access to Pharmacists’ Care Coalition push for provider status on the federal level.

To learn more about the legislation and to participate in ASHP’s efforts to build support for it in Congress, go to

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