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ASHP Collaborates with National Academy of Medicine on Pharmacy Well-Being and Resilience

Joint Meeting NAM Speaker
At a Joint Meeting of nearly 100 members of ASHP Policy Committees held today at ASHP headquarters during Policy Week, ASHP invited key leaders of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) staff to discuss NAM’s Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience

ASHP, along with 50 other healthcare organizations, recently joined the Action Collaborative to ensure that the healthcare workforce, including pharmacy, is healthy, resilient, and functioning at the highest capacity. The goals of the Action Collaborative are to (1) assess and understand the underlying causes of clinician burnout and suicide, and (2) advance solutions that reverse the trends in clinician stress, burnout, and suicide. 

As the only pharmacy organization involved in the Action Collaborative, ASHP is leading the way forward on this important initiative for the entire pharmacy profession. 

Clinician burnout can cause significant human suffering and can negatively impact patient safety and overall healthcare quality throughout entire organizations and systems. Every member of the pharmacy enterprise — including pharmacists, pharmacy residents, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians — has a key role to play in collaboration with the entire interprofessional healthcare team to identify and find solutions to this increasingly vexing problem.

NAM kicked off the Joint Meeting with an overview of the collaborative, which was followed by ASHP-led discussions on the range of possible actions ASHP should consider taking to help its members address the negative consequences of burnout.
Joint Meeting NAM Attendees
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