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Message from the CEO: ASHP Mourns Lives Lost in Tulsa Medical Center Shooting

ASHP Chief Executive Officer Paul W. Abramowitz, PharmD, ScD, (Hon), FASHP, released a statement about the latest mass shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma: 

The national epidemic of firearms deaths continues, this time claiming the lives of at least four people at the St. Francis Health System campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This event — the latest in a growing number of shooting deaths — is a tragic reminder that violence can reach us all in our workplaces and as we go about our daily lives.

The nation is straining under the toll of violence, and we must find solutions to this public health crisis.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the victims and loved ones of this terrible attack and offer our support to our colleagues at the Saint Francis Health System and to their families and the community.

ASHP mourns all those whose lives have been lost to all-too-frequent mass shootings.

ASHP policy 2017, Role of the Pharmacy Workforce in Preventing Accidental and Intentional Firearm Injury and Death, and ASHP policy 2035, Role of the Pharmacy Workforce in Violence Prevention, recognizes that violence is a public health crisis.

ASHP supports a vision of pharmacy that improves the health and well-being of our professional colleagues, neighbors, our communities, and the nation. The pharmacy workforce has important roles in a comprehensive public health and medical approach to violence prevention, including leadership roles in their communities and workplaces.

We will continue to support the profession and work with our healthcare colleagues to counter the societal and public health impact of violence. 

Paul W. Abramowitz, PharmD, ScD, (Hon), FASHP






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