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New Practitioner Transitions

Is It Time for Your Next Big Career Move?

Identifying and Interviewing for a Job

Mentor Program
ASHP Connect Mentor Match program is designed to help members connect and expand their professional network.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Resource Center
Whether you are just developing your curriculum vitae (CV) or seeking tips for refinement, ASHP has the tools you need to help you through the process.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Review Program
Bi-annually, the New Practitioners Forum offers a CV Review Program to assist pharmacy students and new practitioners in developing an effective CV. Any ASHP member may submit a CV to ASHP through an online form for review.

Prepare for your next big interview anytime, anywhere. Practice and enhance your skills in a no-pressure environment using customized, online video mock interviews that you can review and share with your mentor. 

Interview Tips for New Practitioners
Not sure how to improve your interview skills? Here is your how-to guide to a successful interview. Need a second opinion? Utilize Mentor Match!

Video and Phone Interview Tips
Get best practices for approaching a video conference interview.

A practical guide for new practitioners: Considerations when negotiating your first job offer (Am J Health-System Pharm. 2020; 77: 923-6).

ASHP’s CareerPharm offers professional services to help with all of your career needs! Check out the tools to begin improving your career today.

Professional Development

Board Certification
Whether you completed a residency or not, Board Certification may be the answer for having the credentials to match your skill set. Learn more about types of board certification and the exam process on the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) website. Looking for help studying? Check out the BPS Study Guides provided by ASHP and our Board Certification Resources page.

Board Recertification
You’ve already achieved your certification, now what do you need to do to maintain it? ASHP has the tools to help! Need more? Check out the BPS guide to recertifications!

Research Resources
Looking for ways to incorporate research into your career? The ASHP Foundation offers a resource center committed to developing pharmacist researchers. Not sure where to start? Check out the Pharmacy Research Timeline to identify milestones in the research development process.

ASHP Preceptor Toolkit
Now you’re going to be precepting students and residents which require different teaching styles. We have the resources you need to develop your skills. Want more info? Read the “Introduction to the World of Teaching: Becoming a Preceptor” or purchase the Preceptor’s Handbook for Pharmacists!

Continuing Professional Development
Use this sample Personal CPD Worksheet to help you plan out your 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year professional goals. 

Financial Management

ASHP Podcasts:

AJHP: Addressing the burden of student loan debt: A case-based review of influencing considerations

Student Loan Strategy
As you prepare embark on your post-residency career, understanding student loan repayment options and responsibilities will be vital to your success! Check out this checklist to help you stay organized.

Student Debt Management 101 [VIDEO]
Learn what options are available for pharmacists when management educational debt, including deferment, federal programs, and refinancing. 

Simple Savings Calculator (Bankrate)
Check out this free simple savings calculator to estimate your investment growth over time.

Putting It All Together

Work-Life Integration
Read the advice from others who have navigated career transitions and refined their work-life integration approach. Check out this collection of compelling letters from 30 early-to-mid pharmacy careerists who share insights, perspective, and experiential wisdom on navigating career and personal life.

ASHP State Affiliates
ASHP State Affiliates provide a great way for new practitioners to network, advocate, publish, and lead in their local professional communities. Check out the new practitioner benefits of getting involved with a state affiliate.

ASHP Sections and Forums
ASHP’s Sections offer you the best way to communicate and interact with colleagues who share the same interests, issues, and challenges.

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