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Credentialing and Privileging

Credentialing and privileging allows for pharmacists to practice at the top of their license. There will be an increasing need to verify pharmacists’ ability to provide certain services with provider status, especially with respect to payer networks. Pharmacists practicing in hospitals and clinics where credentialing and privileging occur may have the foundation in place to demonstrate their competence as a provider within a payer network.  

Resources below provide information on how to design and utilize credentialing and privileging processes to foster ongoing competence in specialized areas.

Why is Credentialing and Privileging Important

CCP: The Council on Credentialing in Pharmacy Resource Document Continuing Professional Development in Pharmacy

Board of Pharmacy Specialties Credentialing [PPT]

AJHP: Credentialing and privileging of pharmacists: A resource paper from the Council on Credentialing in Pharmacy

CCP: Credentialing in Pharmacy: A Resource Paper

AJHP: Credentialing and Privileging for Pharmacists

AJHP : Design and Implementation of a Credentialing and Privileging Model for Ambulatory Care Pharmacists

AJHP : Pharmacist Privileging in a Health System: Report of the Qualified Provider Model Ad Hoc Committee

AJHP : Internal Approach to Competency-Based Credentialing for Hospital Clinical Pharmacists

AJHP : Privileging Expands Pharmacists’ Role

E: Learning: The Future is Now: State of Practice for Credentialing and Privileging Pharmacists

Georgia Uniform Allied Healthcare Professional Credentialing Application Form, [DOC]

Illinois Health Care Professional Credentialing and Business Data Gathering Form, [DOC]

VA Credentialing and Privileging

VA Credentialing of Health Care Professionals

AJHP: Elevating pharmacists’ scope of practice through a health-system clinical privileging process

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