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Pharmacy Technician Day

October 19, 2021

Pharmacy Technician Day recognizes the invaluable contributions made by pharmacy technicians to patient health, safety and as an integral part of the healthcare team. It's a day for pharmacy technicians to reflect on their careers and realize the impact they've had on patients and fellow pharmacy professionals.

ASHP Technician Tuesday Podcasts

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PTF Advanced Pharmacy Technician Roles Resources

ASHP Pharmacy Technician Resume/CV Review Program 

The ASHP Pharmacy Technician Forum is pleased to announce the launching of its Pharmacy Technician Resume/CV Review Program. Technicians, would you like to receive quality feedback on your resume or CV from experienced ASHP reviewers? Or, are you willing to share some of your time to review resumes or CVs? Any ASHP pharmacy technician member may submit and resumes/CVs will be assigned to volunteer reviewers who are seasoned ASHP pharmacy technicians or pharmacists dedicated to providing quality feedback. Learn more or to sign up today as a Reviewer or Submitter.

ASHP Connect Community

The Connect Community for Pharmacy Technicians has been designed exclusively for pharmacy technicians and those interested in advancing pharmacy technician roles to support successful pharmacy practice models. This community is a platform for individuals to discuss professional issues such as advanced technician practice roles, improvements in workflow or operations, and new and evolving roles for pharmacy technicians. Connect offers pharmacy technicians the unique opportunity to obtain perspectives from colleagues from across the country. Join the conversation

Join ASHP to celebrate Pharmacy Technician Day on October 19, 2021. Tag a Pharmacy Strong member of your team with the #ASHPPharmTech hashtag. 

AJHP Pharmacy Technician Collection

This collection provides AJHP articles that describe pharmacy technicians contributions to pharmacy practice and patient care.


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Pharmacy Front Line Stories

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