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Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The ASHP Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners is a new membership home for individuals practicing in specialty pharmacy or seeking to learn about specialty pharmacy. The Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners serves as a direct voice to ASHP to advise the Board of Directors on actions to support members in the specialty pharmacy environment.
  • Continuing professional development resources and CE on specialty pharmacy;
  • Timely news and information about specialty pharmacy;
  • Virtual and in-person networking opportunities;
  • Online practice tools and resources;
  • AJHP and other publication content relevant to specialty pharmacy;
  • National meeting activities as appropriate;
  • Other benefits and services as recommended by specialty pharmacy members.

Visit the Member Sections page in your ASHP account. This page will reflect your current section selections.

Select "Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners" as your primary section or add it as one of your secondary sections of interest and click "Save."

All Section members, both primary and secondary, will receive specialty pharmacy news and information and will receive access to member-only benefits such as the Specialty Pharmacy online Connect Community.

All primary members will receive additional communications from the Section’s elected leadership.

Primary practitioner members of the Section are eligible to vote and/or run for Section leadership positions on the national executive committee.

Adding Sections to ASHP membership is free for all members.

  • To recommend professional and interprofessional healthcare policies related specialty pharmacy practice and the healthcare workforce to best promote safe, optimal and effective patient care;
  • To advise on member benefits and services, including the educational and training needs of pharmacy technicians, student pharmacists, pharmacy residents, and pharmacy practitioners;
  • To inform ASHP of practice issues and best practices related to specialty pharmacy;
  • To develop engagement and leadership within ASHP.
  • Five (5) volunteer members will be appointed to serve on the inaugural Executive Committee;
  • Selection and appointment will ensure a diverse pool of knowledge and practice expertise;
  • The Section will have an appointed Board Liaison and Staff Liaison;
  • The initial in-person meeting of the appointed leaders will be held in October 2018;
  • Regular meetings of the Section’s leadership will be held as with other ASHP Sections.
ASHP will coordinate a call out for nominations and recommendations. Nominations and recommendations will be solicited from ASHP’s current membership, from ASHP state affiliates, and other stakeholder groups.
ASHP members may join as many Sections as desired at no added membership fee. The launch of the new Section is an added value for all ASHP members for free.
Individuals may contact the Office of Member Relations at [email protected] for further information about the Section.
Thank you for your interest in the ASHP Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners.

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