1. Visit the ASHP login page to register.
  2. Follow the prompts to join and provide your contact information, institution, and graduation date.
  3. Choose one of three payment methods outlined on the registration page to become an ASHP member.
    1. One-year membership
    2. Two-year or three-year membership
    3. Monthly membership for less than $5 per month
    *Are you a student enrolled in your first professional year of pharmacy school? P1 students join ASHP for free.


ASHP is a national association that represents pharmacists who serve as patient care providers in acute and ambulatory care settings. The organization’s more than 55,000 members include pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. ASHP is focused on pharmacists practicing in health-systems settings and is the official accrediting body for pharmacy residencies

As long as your membership is in good standing, your ASHP pharmacy student membership will extend through December of your graduation year. At that time you can renew as a Resident or 1st Year New Graduate.

ASHP, SSHPs and State Affiliates are three separate organizations. ASHP is a national organization. State affiliate organizations of ASHP are separate entities from ASHP. SSHPs are local, student-led organizations in the specific school or college of pharmacy they are affiliated with. Membership to all three organizations is encouraged, but not mandatory. When you pay dues for your SSHP, these dues may not necessarily cover your dues for your state organization or ASHP. Please check with your SSHP officers to confirm if they are collecting dues for the SSHP, state affiliate and ASHP all at once, or just the SSHP. You may join ASHP anytime separately on the ASHP website.

ASHP Mission

The mission of pharmacists is to help people achieve optimal health outcomes.

ASHP Vision

ASHP’s vision is that medication use will be optimal, safe, and effective for all people all of the time.

As a student member you will get free or discounted access to a number of programs and services that ASHP has to offer, helping you grow your leadership skills, stay clinical sharp, and discover your career interests. A few key student benefits are outlined below:

  • AHFS Drug Information: This online and print clinical reference tool that provides evidence-based information such as drug monographs, drug shortage and safety updates, and patient counseling information.
  • AJHP (American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy): ASHP’s official journal that publishes peer-reviewed scientific papers on contemporary drug therapy and pharmacy practice innovations in hospitals and health systems.
  • ASHP Connect: This online discussion forum instantly reaches an extensive network of colleagues to gather opinions about critical practice issues, find mentors or mentees, and share ideas and expertise with others.
  • ASHP Daily Briefing A customized daily e-mail briefing on medical issues and healthcare topics, produced exclusively for ASHP, keeps you in touch with current events
  • ASHP Sections and Forums Student, New Practitioner, Pharmacy Technician, Ambulatory Care Practitioner, Clinical Specialist and Scientist, Inpatient Care Practitioner, Pharmacy Informaticist, Pharmacy Director/Practice Manager, and Specialty Pharmacy Practitioner membership communities all offer niche networks and programs relevant to their respective practice and professional needs.
  • Career Resource Center & Quiz: Information related to a number of specialty practice areas in health-systems pharmacy. Review profiles from pharmacy experts, browse through a number of health-systems pharmacy career descriptions, and take the ASHP Career Quiz to explore your interests.
  • CareerPharm: Online community designed to help members advance their careers and find the right jobs through an online job board, Virtual Career Fairs, Personnel Placement Service at the Midyear Clinical Meeting, and much more.
  • ConferencesASHP hosts a number of meetings, conferences, and specialty courses each year to provide education and networking. Student programming is available and student posters are accepted at our ASHP Summer Meetings and Midyear Clinical Meeting.
  • CV Resources & Review Program: Tools to help you through the process of drafting, updating, and refining your CV. Find a complete CV preparation toolkit and participate in ASHP’s exclusive CV Review program.
  • Interview Preparation: Practice their interview skills anytime and anywhere through created and customized mock interviews.
  • Mentorship: The ASHP Mentor Match program reflects our commitment to your professional development. This flexible but unique online networking and career development tool helps connect with other pharmacy professionals and gain insight on the vast range of opportunities in this field.
  • Residency Preparation: ASHP is the only accrediting organization of pharmacy residencies and provides you with a number of residency resources to help you explore the right program, navigate the application process, and prepare to be a standout candidate.
  • Resource Centers Web-based resource centers with specialized pharmacy practice information covering more than 25 unique practice areas.

ASHP resources are a great way to explore your career interests, discover your professional opportunities, and prepare for residency or the pharmacy workforce. A key to taking advantage of all the resources available to student pharmacists is understanding what tools apply to you. While ASHP's resources are created with four-year program terminology in mind, we have developed a brief guidance document to help students who are enrolled in three or six-year programs. Our resources apply to all student pharmacists, find out how to maximize your membership and let ASHP help you grow.

ASHP's Sections and Forums are niche membership communities where colleagues who share the same practice-specific interests can share their issues, challenges, and ideas. Join as many Sections as you wish and explore different pharmacy practice areas (such as pharmacy informatics, ambulatory care, clinical specialties, specialty pharmacy, inpatient care, and community pharmacy), while networking with practicing clinicians and leaders.

ASHP advocates and supports the professional practice of pharmacists in hospitals, health systems, ambulatory care clinics, and other settings spanning the full spectrum of medication use. ASHP serves its members as their collective voice on issues related to medication use and public health. ASHP offers a number of services to inform and educate student, technician, and practitioner members, and advance the profession.

pharmacy residency is a 1- or 2-year post-graduate training program (PGY1 or PGY2) that provides hands-on decision making and experience working with other healthcare professionals under the supervision of an experienced preceptor. It also includes focused mentoring, leadership development, and prepares you for more advanced pharmacy positions. ASHP is the only accrediting organization of pharmacy residencies and provides you with a number of residency resources to help you explore the right program, navigate the application process, and prepare to be a standout candidate.

The ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition is the largest meeting of pharmacy professionals in the world. Every year in December, pharmacists, student pharmacists, pharmacy residents, and pharmacy technicians both nationally and internationally, connect and network. Whether you are just entering pharmacy school or about to graduate, you will find a wealth of programming and activities designed just for you. 

As an ASHP member you will have the opportunity to learn about careers in health-systems pharmacy and post-graduate training (such as PGY1 and PGY2 residencies), network with pharmacists nationwide, and find mentors that can help you navigate our profession. ASHP offers personal and professional development resources such as access to interview preparation software, CV review programs, discounts on products and conference registrations, just to name a few. Find out more here.