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About Us

The ASHP Career Profiles Resource Center is designed to provide student pharmacists access to information related to a number of specialty practice areas in health-system pharmacy. Review profiles from pharmacy experts, browse through a number of health-system pharmacy career descriptions, and take the ASHP Career Quiz to explore your interests.

  • Take the ASHP Career Quiz to find the best career paths for you.
  • Click on the various titles in the “Explore Careers” section to learn more about careers in health-system pharmacy. Find out about the duties, practice settings, typical workdays, required education and training, and opportunities for each field, as well as personal advice, on-the-job images, and residency resources from pharmacists.
  • Submit your profile as a health-system pharmacist to share your story, responsibilities, and advice as a specialty practitioner.

Every career path is unique. Following graduation from an accredited college or school of pharmacy, student pharmacists are encouraged to pursue one or two years of accredited post-graduate residency training. Residency training will be in general pharmacy practice or specific to the specialty area of interest. ASHP has a large repository of resources available on the ASHP website to help you decide what residency is right for you.

Some pharmacists in career paths such as ambulatory care, cardiology, critical care, infectious diseases, oncology, pediatric pharmacy, pharmacotherapy, and senior care can become board certified. Consult the provided board certification resources on these specific career profiles to learn more.

ASHP has a number of resources that can help you prepare for residency training:

ASHP has a number of resources on CareerPharm that can help you in your job search: