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Nicholas Tomlinson

Nicholas Tomlinson

Nicholas Tomlinson

University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduation Year: 2020

How and why I became interested in being appointed to the Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee

I became interested in the Pharmacy Student Forum - Executive Committee after meeting with former and current members at ASHP Summer Meetings and while completing my term as a member of the Community and eCommunications Advisory Group. I hoped to become more involved in ASHP, as it is an organization that aligns with my professional goals. I am passionate about ASHP’s mission of helping “achieve optimal health outcomes” and improving patient care. These goals align with my passion to become a pharmacist after working on an ambulance for seven years and seeing the need for more preventative care interventions. 

As the field of pharmacy is evolving, I believe it is important to be involved to help shape the evolution to what aligns with what you want to accomplish, whether that is pushing for provider status, improving health with initiatives, etc. With this position, I hope to help more current and future pharmacy leaders to become more involved with his/her passions.

Professional interests

  • Oncology
  • Research
  • Ambulatory Care

How being a member of ASHP has assisted in my personal and professional development

ASHP has assisted in my personal and professional development through my involvement in my local SSHP and through attending Summer Meetings. I became involved in our local as a Public Relations Chair to help with outreach through advertising events on our website and Facebook page. This position helped me to understand how much advertising helps with getting more students involved. After my P1 year, I decided to attend the Summer Meetings and Exhibition in Minneapolis. Through this experience, I met students with similar interests and have gained life-long connections. At this same meeting, I was given the chance to share my story as an emergency medical technician to the entire audience during the storytelling session. After my story, I received many compliments from attendees throughout the meeting. This really helped with my confidence as I am uncomfortable with public speaking. Overall ASHP helped me to get out of my comfort zone and because of this experience, I have continued to support and advocate for student participation at the Summer Meetings.

Goals for the year as a PSFEC Member

  • Advocate for ASHP initiatives to improve the roles of pharmacists in healthcare 
  • Encourage student involvement in using ASHP Connect and provide helpful resources throughout the platform to increase interest 
  • Provide student members with updates of the evolving pharmacy field
  • Motivate student members to increase interprofessional development

Fun fact

I am a master at making Chinese dumplings.

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