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Initiation by State Affiliates

The ASHP State Affiliate (i.e., state society of health-system pharmacists) may provide the stimulus to develop a student society affiliate at a school of pharmacy in the state. That is, the state society may believe that the formation of a student society would increase student recognition of pharmacy practice in health systems, as well as increase the visibility of the state society at the school or college of pharmacy.

The state society may feel that certain students interested in health-system pharmacy may be attracted to participation and membership in a student society of health-system pharmacy, once formed. While most student societies have formed upon initiation by the students, a student society created on the impetus of the affiliated state chapter can also work effectively.

Once it has been decided to pursue the formation of a student society, the state society should identify those students at the school who are willing and able to become the leaders of the student society, and do some of the important work necessary to establish the organization. The state society should naturally look to student members of the state society to become involved with the formation of the student society. The Faculty Advisor and ASHP Student Liaison at each school can also be helpful in identifying interested students.

Based upon the state society’s relationship with the school and the nature of state pharmacy politics, the state society may wish to consult with the administration and faculty of the school before contacting students. After the state society has gained the support of the administration and identified potential student leaders, it should proceed as outlined in the first mechanism described above.

The state society should work with the students when drafting governing documents concerning affiliation, state society services to students, and how the needs of both groups can be met. Guidelines to drafting governing documents and a governing document template are provided for your use.

Local societies of health-system pharmacists are also encouraged to become involved with student society formation and development, particularly in states with a large geography, multiple schools of pharmacy, or a large state society.

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