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Objectives and Self-Assessment

Program Note

If you are interested in pharmacy leadership, this workshop, developed by the ASHP Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers, is designed just for you! The goal of this program is to spark student awareness of and interest in leadership opportunities within our profession, and to provide you with useful strategies to advance your role as a future pharmacy leader. Everyone has leadership potential. If you are interested in a future clinical or administrative leadership role, here's where you can get an informed overview of the state of leadership in the profession and start building an impressive CV.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of leadership versus management;
  • Understand the relationship between administrative, clinical and other general and specialty leadership role;
  • Understand the need for strong leaders in the future;
  • Learn how to build leadership qualities and engage in leadership activities as a student; and
  • Spark awareness of and interest in careers in pharmacy leadership.

Self-Assessment Questions

  1. Manager and Leader are different words for the same role (True or False)
  2. Overlap in the different leadership roles occurs in which of the following areas:
    1. Working with a team
    2. Learning to plan to achieve a particular result
    3. Being a good communicator
    4. All of the above
  3. I should become a strong leader because:
    1. I want more job satisfaction
    2. I want to lead my profession in the correct direction
    3. Leaders are needed in our profession in the near future
    4. All of the above
  4. A pharmacy residency program can help a new practitioner to:
    1. Apply the clinical skills learned in school
    2. Develop leadership skills
    3. Gain exposure to various areas of pharmacy practice before committing to a specific area or specialty
    4. All of the above
  5. Leadership skills can be developed by:
    1. Participating in an administrative student rotation or internship experience
    2. Finding a mentor and developing a strong relationship
    3. Becoming actively involved in local, state, and national pharmacy organizations
    4. All of the above

Answers: 1. F, 2. d, 3.d, 4. d, 5. d.

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