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SSHP Co-Mentorship Pilot Program

The ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum would like to pilot a Co-Mentorship Program aimed at providing SSHPs with proper tools to develop their SSHP, build close affiliations with local and national pharmacy organizations, and network with other SSHP leaders from schools of pharmacy across the United States.

To make this a successful program we will need participant SSHPs that are well established (recognized more than 5 years) and newer SSHPs (recognized less than 5 years). Your matched SSHP will be provided after you receive ASHP-SSHP recognition confirmation. You will be required to maintain open communication, facilitate idea sharing, and assisting each other throughout the academic year.

Since this is a new initiative, we will assess the success of the program in June 2017 and will solicit feedback from all participants as we determine the future of this program. To help us move forward with this project, please complete the questions in the SSHP Recognition survey indicating your interest in this program.

Thank you for your continued dedication and best wishes as you lead your SSHP!

Questions? Please send us an email.