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SSHP Member Processing FAQs

Yes, your SSHP can submit information for both new and renewing members using the pre-formatted SSHP Roster. You can also encourage students to join ASHP independently through the ASHP webpage.

To find ASHP’s annual student membership rate, please visit or contact ASHP Customer Relations at 1-866-279-0681 or online.

Yes, students are able to sign up for multi-year membership rates through your SSHP. The available options are dependent upon the student’s anticipated graduation year. Make sure to indicate the student preference on the SSHP Roster you submit (see SSHP Roster template for proper documentation), and collect appropriate payment from that student.

No, the ASHP monthly payment option of less than $5 per month is only available to student members online through Encourage your peers to join online to access this payment option and start accessing their member benefits immediately.

Student pharmacists can join ASHP at any time. Students interested in joining after your membership drive has concluded are encouraged to visit to sign up.

If your SSHP decides to send an updated roster with new members, please ONLY include the new members to be processed in your new submission. Combining new and existing members on the roster may result in delays. If you have questions on how to proceed please contact [email protected].

If a student pharmacist has joined ASHP independently, please omit their name and information from the SSHP Roster and payment submitted. 

It is possible that student members are trying to access their ASHP account using an e-mail address other than what is indicated on the roster. Please refer students to contact ASHP Customer Relations at 1-866-279-0681 or online.

For renewing members, the ASHP ID or ASHP Member number is available on a student member’s Account Information online. To locate it, ask your student member to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and Log In using your ASHP membership credentials (top right corner of the page)
  2. Click My Account (in the top right corner of the page)
  3. Click Membership Details (located under the Membership tab on the left of the page)
  4. View your 8-digit Membership Number under Membership Summary

If you still have trouble locating it, make a note on the SSHP Roster or contact ASHP Customer Relations at 1-866-279-0681 or online. Note, new members will receive an ASHP Member number after joining.

ASHP ONLY collects membership dues for national ASHP membership. Please work directly with your ASHP State Affiliate to coordinate membership dues collection.