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Student Membership Custom Application Guidelines

SSHP Faculty Advisors, Student Society Leadership, and State Affiliates

Please review the following guidelines for creating a custom membership application to include ASHP and your school, local, and/or state organization. Consult the ASHP webpage to verify current dues rates for student members as changes in the dues rates generally occur in January of each year.

Mandatory data to be collected:

  • Date
  • Name (First, M.I., Last)
  • E-mail address (preferred)
  • Secondary e-mail address
  • Permanent Address  
  • Phone
  • School name (including campus)
  • Anticipated graduation date (month/year)
  • New Member vs Renewal (renewal members should indicate ASHP member number)
  • Single year vs multi-year membership
    • Note, monthly membership options are available but can only be accessed by signing up individually on the ASHP webpage.
  • ASHP Section membership selection (included at no additional charge).
    • Please ask student to indicate which section(s) he/she would like to join. Students must have one section as their primary section.

Optional data to be collected:

  • State affiliate organization membership dues
  • Local health-system pharmacy organization membership dues
  • Student society membership dues

Please note: ASHP will collect payment ONLY for ASHP membership. State affiliate or other membership dues should be coordinated with the respective societies.

ASHP Group Membership Application Submission Guidelines

To learn how to submit your Group Membership Application on behalf of your SSHP, please visit ASHP's Guideline Submission page. Note that all application rosters must follow the template format provided, and be submitted through ASHP's official portal. Details on the most updated roster templates and application link can be found here.

Questions? Contact the ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum at: [email protected]