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Controlled Substances Drug Diversion Pharmacy Technician Toolkit

Drug diversion can be defined as any criminal act or deviation that removes a prescription drug from its intended path from the manufacturer to the intended patient. As stated in the ASHP Guidelines on Preventing Diversion of Controlled Substances1, “Controlled substances (CS) diversion in health systems can lead to serious patient safety issues, harm to the diverter, and significant liability risk to the organization." These guidelines outline a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to and accountability for CS diversion prevention and response within an organization. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide additional resources for health care organizations working to implement a comprehensive Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention Program.

Sample Controlled Substances Drug Diversion Pharmacy Technician Position Descriptions

Processes and Workflow Resources

Communicating with Law Enforcement

  • Should you report to Local Law Enforcement in addition to the DEA? Drop down?
    In the majority of the states, reporting to local law enforcement is not mandatory like reporting to the DEA and professional licensing boards. That being said, the DEA does offer support reporting drug diversion incidents to Law Enforcement as prompt notification to law enforcement will allow them time to investigate the incident and potentially prosecute those responsible for the diversion.2
    Reporting to local law enforcement may be the only way to help ensure an individual that has diverted is not able to go to another facility where they may cause further harm to patients by diverting again.
  • Federal Pharmacy Law and Sample State Law (CT) [PDF]

Resources for Addiction, Healing, and Recovery

Many employers provide Employee and Family Resource Programs that include substance abuse services.  These services may be able to be tailored to provide individualized care and support.  In addition to your employer, some State Pharmacy Societies also provide substance abuse services.  Listed below are other links that provide information on alcohol or substance misuse. 

Additional Tools and Resources