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Medication History Technician Toolkit

Medication History Technicians are a valuable team member in the patient admission and medication reconciliation process.  Medication history technicians have been shown to effectively document medication histories using structured patient interviews and standardized forms and processes. Medication History Technicians are typically experienced pharmacy technicians with additional training.

Technician Position Descriptions

Baxter Regional Medical Center [PDF]

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare [PDF]

Processes and Workflow

Froedtert [PDF]

Legacy Health [PDF]

Education and Training

Email Etiquette

Medication History Form [PDF]

Medication History Interview Script (Froedtert) [PDF]

Medication History Interview Script (Legacy Health) [PDF]

Medication Reconciliation [PDF]

Medication Safety and Medication Handling

Admit Center Training Competency Checklist


Medication History Form (Trivergent Health Alliance) [PDF]

Medication Reconciliation Pharmacy Data Collection Tool [PDF]

The High 5s Project Standard Operating Protocol [PDF]

Medication Reconciliation by Pharmacy Technicians, Student Interns

Medications at Transitions and Clinical Handoffs (MATCH) Toolkit for Medication Reconciliation [PDF]

Tip List for Implementing Technician Medication History Program

Quality Assurance and Competency Tools

AIDET Validation for Support/Ancillary Staff [PDF]

Froedtert [PDF]

Meritus Medical Center [PDF]

Trivergent [PDF]

UNC Health Care [PDF]

Medication Reconciliation Competency Quiz [PDF]

Tools for Specific Practice Areas

Emergency Department