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Competency Checklist

In order to work shifts in the Admit Center, a pharmacy technician must complete the competency checklist.  Checklist should be completed while working with a pharmacist in the Admit Center.  Technicians should both observe and be observed while completing home medication reconciliations. The training pharmacist must check-off as each of the below functions are discussed and the pharmacy technician is able to complete each function with minimal prompting.  Return completed checklist with signatures to (INSERT NAME).

Completed (✔) Competency
  Access the direct admit screen.
  Locate a specific patient within the Meditech system.
  Interview patient regarding home medications utilizing appropriate and professional
introduction and conversation.
  Edit and document allergies.
  Enter new home medications.
  Edit existing home medications in the Meditech system.
  Edit “Ambulatory Medications” in the Meditech system.
  Add patient’s preferred pharmacy to Meditech profile.
  Recognize high risk medications in order to specifically verify doses (insulin, warfarin).
  Add “last taken” date and time for specific medications.
  Save reconciled medication list.  

Pharmacy Technician: ____________________________________    

Training Pharmacist: ___________________________________________   

Date: _________________