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Tip List for Implementing a Pharmacy Technician Medication History Program

Compiled by ASHP Advancing Pharmacy Practice with Technicians SAG
April 2016

  Item Notes
1 Check with state Board of Pharmacy: What are technicians currently allowed to do/not do? e.g. what pharmacist oversight, verification is required? Can other providers access changes in the EHR before the RPh signs off?
2 Workflow: will technicians document med history on paper, or directly into EHR? If on paper, will technician or RPh update in EHR?
3 Staffing: aligning coverage with peak admissions.  
4 Consider all points of admission: ED, Surgical, direct admits, transfers from other systems  
5 Multidisciplinary approach: involved all disciplines in process, if pharmacy will own process (e.g. nursing, physicians, etc.)  
6 What is process/accountability when pharmacy staff/technicians not available?  Or volumes too high?  
7 What is your goal for completion time from admission?
24 hours?  Before admission orders are written?
8 Training: what training will be required and who will provide initial/continuing training? Senior technician, residents, managers, ToC specialist
9 Do technicians have access to the necessary information in the EHR (or can it be granted)? ED track board, surgical schedules, progress notes
10 Staffing: will new technicians be hired or will existing technicians be resourced to program? New FTE or resourced from existing resources
11 Staffing: will pharmacy technicians, pharmacy interns, or both participate in the program? If students, coverage of breaks, exams, etc.
12 Identify metrics to track to ensure success of program Time to completion, quantity completed, satisfaction surveys