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Pharmacy Technician Resume/CV Development

Whether you are a new or seasoned pharmacy technician seeking tips to refine your current resume or CV, or you are a pharmacy technician student beginning to develop your resume or curriculum vitae (CV), the following tools are here to help you through the process. Your resume or CV should best showcase your experience, education, skills, knowledge, accomplishments and professional engagement. It is important to update them on a regular basis.

Resume/CV Review Program

ASHP has created a Resume/CV Review Program to assist pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician students in developing an effective resume or CV. Any ASHP pharmacy technician member may submit a resume or CV to ASHP through the online form below for review. However, priority will be given to graduating pharmacy technician students.

Submitted resumes/CVs will be assigned to volunteer reviewers who are experienced ASHP pharmacy technician or pharmacist members dedicated to providing quality feedback. Please submit a Word version of your resume or CV saved with the following file name: “Smith_John_Resume or CV”. Only submissions following this filing nomenclature will be accepted.


Resume/CV Review Program Timetable

Fall/Winter 2022– Virtual Cycle
October 18 - December 1 Resume/CV Submissions Accepted
December 2- December 20 Resumes/CVs Assigned to Reviewers
December 21 - January 31 Resume/CV Review Period
January 31 Deadline for Reviewers to Provide Feedback to Submitters

Participate in the Resume/CV Review Program

Submissions for the 2022 Fall/Winter Session will be accepted from participants from October 18 - December 1, 2022. Participants will receive feedback from their reviewers by January 31, 2023. Individuals will be able to sign-up to be a volunteer reviewer October 18 - December 1, 2022.

NOTE: You must have an active ASHP membership to participate in this program as a reviewer or a submitter.

Guide for Reviewers to Sign up
Guide for Submitters to Sign up

Transform Your Resume into a CV

As previously mentioned, a CV is a more detailed document than a resume. In addition to showcasing your work experience and educational background, a CV also can highlight your awards, research efforts, and professional engagement. ASHP offers a number of volunteer opportunities pharmacy technician members can engage and get involved. To learn more, visit ASHP Member Center.

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