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Our Process

At ASHP Advantage, our highest priorities are the quality and credibility of our educational programming and the ability of our activities to address identified educational needs.

ProcessAll ASHP Advantage educational activities are needs-based. Needs-assessment data and practice gaps are analyzed before activity development. ASHP Advantage focuses on gaps in practice that may be mitigated through the education of healthcare professionals who can facilitate improvement. We use a variety of methods to identify these practice gaps, including

  • surveys of target audiences;
  • questionnaires and tests designed to assess knowledge, skills, and competency;
  • published studies;
  • and recommendations from experts indicating that education is needed.

The proposals we submit are designed to close practice gaps that are identified during the needs assessment. Active-learning techniques are incorporated into activities to reinforce the educational objectives. Finally, outcomes-assessment data demonstrate the educational impact of activities.

For more information about supporting ASHP Advantage educational programming, contact [email protected]