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Why ASHP Consulting?

ASHP Consulting uniquely builds upon ASHP’s 75-year history of improving medication safety, developing and using practice standards for optimal medicine management for patients, and advancing education and training of pharmacists. All funds generated by the activities of ASHP Consulting support ASHP’s mission and members, rather than owners, directors, or shareholders.


ASHP’s vision is that medication use will be optimal, safe and effective for all people all of the time.


The primary mission of the ASHP Consulting Service is to provide advice and solutions for the full spectrum of medication use in hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, and other healthcare settings. This is accomplished through our access to a wide variety of experienced subject matter experts and ASHP’s robust history of providing valuable information, practice standards, and education intended to optimize medication use and safety.


Our primary focus is on patient care and building solid and trustworthy relationships. We demonstrate integrity in all our work and promote excellence through standards-based, yet progressive best practices.

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