Sherlock: The Drug Information Bot From InpharmD

Reliable, evidence-based drug information conferred by pharmacists and communicated via artificial intelligence with Sherlock, The Drug Information Bot From InpharmD backed by AHFS Drug Information


Challenges in drug information retrieval and delivery include timely availability, literature accessibility, and accuracy of reliable data. These challenges have been burdensome on providers and could contribute to suboptimal patient care and therapeutic decision-making. The InpharmD artificial intelligence algorithm, Sherlock, is a bot that can read and decipher medical literature. With InpharmD’s 5000+ abstracts and ASHP's AHFS Drug Information’s 1300+ monographs, Sherlock can search though the data at a much faster rate, filtering for relevancy and currency, and deliver the best evidence as efficiently as possible. Now providers can skip the hassle involved in filtering out accurate and reliable data from the tedious literature search.

Sherlock from InpharmD

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