ASHP Drug Shortages

ASHP Drug Shortages database is the most widely recognized leading source of drug shortage information for clinicians, consumers, and health policy leaders and is now available for license.

Deployed on a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform, the new Drug Shortages API will rapidly deliver actionable clinical information as a critical component of medication management and safe and effective patient care and is easily integrated into existing:

  • Medication management systems
  • Supply chain optimization solutions
  • EHR—electronic health records
  • Referential drug information resources


ASHP Drug Shortages API includes:

  • Over 300 shortage bulletins on drugs, biologics, devices, and specific dosage forms.
  • Only source of drug shortage information that includes recommendations for alternative therapies
  • Active monitoring and regular communication with manufacturers for ongoing shortages
  • Updated daily
  • Cloud-hosted API
  • Available in lightweight JSON format for rapid implementation

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LogicStream HealthLogicStream Health™

Improved efficiency, increased cost savings and a 75% reduction in time spent managing shortages with The Drug Shortage App powered by ASHP Drug Shortages. 



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