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Pharmacy Competency Assessment Center

Pharmacy Competency Assessment Center banner

ASHP’s completely updated and expanded competency management subscription includes 54 online competencies and initial skills assessments to manage and monitor competency completion among pharmacist and pharmacy technician staff.

Each competency includes learning objectives, a study guide, and a competency assessment exam.

Highlights of the new center include:

  • Coverage of 54 key skills assessments for pharmacists and technicians 
  • Updated compounding guidelines and accreditation standards
  • Administrator access for monitoring and reporting
  • Continuous/dynamic content - PCAC is regularly updated as new standards and skills are introduced into practice
  • Customizable competency checklists for your specific organizational needs
  • 40+ hours of CE
  • Content is widely vetted and derived from 90 in-field expert contributors across the country

Single Users

The Pharmacy Competency Assessment Center-SINGLE is available for individual use only. PCAC-SINGLE does not offer administrator access or customizable competency checklists.

If you are looking for competency management for your staff, PCAC is available for institutional use and by annual subscription.


The Pharmacy Competency Assessment Center is designed for institutional use and is available by annual subscription. Administrators purchasing for staff will have access to monitor completion of assigned competencies.

Interested in previewing some of the competencies? Contact Chris Jezowski at [email protected] for a demo or to request a free institutional trial.

PCAC + DoseMeRx

PCAC + DoseMeRx

PCAC + DoseMeRx includes ASHP's PCAC for Institutions plus access to the market leading Bayesian dosing platform - DoseMeRx.

Specifically priced and designed to provide pharmacy departments in small hospitals (up to 100 beds) the most efficient means of complying with the revised consensus guideline for monitoring vancomycin.

The PCAC + DoseMeRx annual subscription includes:

  • Full access to PCAC for Institutions
  • Unlimited use of DoseMeRx’s web-based solution
  • Vancomycin Bundle, offering the following drug models:
    • Vancomycin Standard Adult
    • Vancomycin Enhanced Obese Adult
    • Vancomycin Pediatric
  • Available within PCAC, clinical competency assessments relay vancomycin dosing scenarios to assist your team to navigate through the DoseMeRx platform, creating familiarity to Bayesian dosing in a variety of clinical situations.

DoseMeRx is a unique, easy-to-use decision support software used by hundreds of clinicians around the world to support the dosing for thousands of patients. It is the only HITRUST CSF certified Bayesian dosing platform. The platform leverages clinically validated pharmacokinetic drug models, patient characteristics, and drug concentrations to guide dose optimization of vancomycin.


Transition to AUC-Guided Vancomycin Dosing With Our Cost-Effective Solution

Annual subscription rates, per institution, are as follows:
Number of Users Price/annually
Up to 10 $2,410

Hospitals with 100 beds or less qualify for the special PCAC + DoseMeRx subscription.

Vancomycin Models

Vancomycin Standard Adult (Bulega et al. 2005)
Ideal for individualized dosing from just one drug concentration

  • A one-compartment population model derived from a retrospective on over 200 patients receiving vancomycin treatment for a range of indications. It is a first order elimination model that has been used in over 10,000 patients and has been clinically validated in several publications.
  • Available calculations: AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only

Vancomycin Enhanced Obese Adult (Sabourenkov et al. 2019)
Supports dosing calculations for patients with Class I, II, and III obesity

  • This is a one-compartment, zero-order model developed and validated using 2,993 courses of vancomycin administered to patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 kg/m2. It demonstrated high predictive ability and negligible bias across all three obesity categories.
  • Available calculations: AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only

Vancomycin Pediatric (Lamarre et al. 2000)
Clinically validated model on pediatric and adolescent populations (Supported Age 0-18 years)

  • A two-compartment, zero order absorption model with age, sex, total body weight, and creatine clearance as covariates as described in Lamarre et. Al.
  • Available calculations: AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only