Pharmacy Supply Chain Is Evolving

ASHP is committed to finding solutions and offering support to reduce the cost of quality healthcare.

ASHP has partnered with QuicksortRx to provide insights to a number of leading health systems and evaluate their potential to reduce medication costs without impacting operations or patient care.

ASHP members and customers can apply for a free evaluation of their opportunity, including actionable items for immediate cost savings. To apply on behalf of your health system, please complete the form below.

About QuicksortRx

QuicksortRx was developed at the Medical University of South Carolina to make pharmacy purchasing analysis easy and accessible. QuicksortRx software helps hospital pharmacies identify supply chain opportunities and assess them instantly, giving teams more time for their most impactful work.

QuicksortRx helps hospitals save 3-5% on inpatient spend by providing:

  • Real-time analytics for pharmacy purchasing
  • Automated cost savings identification
  • Multi-facility contract and price reconciliation
  • GPO, WAC, and 340b optimization

By leveraging automation, QuicksortRx helps pharmacy departments scale their efforts to reduce costs efficiently. QuicksortRx offers seamless onboarding, and requires zero lift from your IT or pharmacy resources to implement or maintain.

Complimentary Supply Chain Assessment

ASHP members are eligible for a complimentary assessment of their hospital pharmacy purchase efficiency. This analysis will detail your pharmacy’s biggest areas of opportunity, including accumulation efficiency, contract load disparities, and product selection. Along with this strategic guidance, pharmacies can expect 6-figures in cost reduction examples that can be implemented immediately.

Contact the QuicksortRx team using the form below to learn more.


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