Proven Solutions for Health System Leaders to Advance Practice

Ensure a knowledgeable and skilled pharmacy workforce with ASHP’s enterprise solutions. Our practice experts will work with you to assess and develop a customized solution to satisfy the unique needs of your staff and organization and may include membership options, education and training bundles, consulting services, and practice resources.


Board Certification Resources

The source for expert-level preparation for board certification and a robust catalog of recertification activities.


Professional Certificates

Provides advanced professional development opportunities for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.


Competency Assessments

Ensures competency among new and existing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on key topics through continually updated online learning and assessment tools (CEU available to participants).


PharmTech Ready

Developed to address the current technician workforce shortage, this new online training product features more than 160 hours of entry- and advanced-level didactic content and supplemental materials needed to support all aspects of an accredited technician training program.



Online job postings and Personnel Placement Service at the annual Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition.


The Pharmacy Leadership Academy® (PLA)

A 12-month, online integrated program featuring challenging readings and activities that can be used to affect change in the participant’s organization. Graduates are eligible to use the designation of Diplomate, Pharmacy Leadership Academy (DPLA). Several affiliated colleges and universities also allow graduates to waive a certain number of credit hours towards a master’s degree.


Professional Development and Continuing Education

ASHP membership is open to all members of the pharmacy workforce who practice in hospitals, health systems, ambulatory care clinics and other settings that span the full spectrum of patient care. Membership provides access to numerous tools and resources to support meaningful contributions to practice, including a subscription to AJHP, the profession’s leading peer-reviewed journal. Continual professional development and education is available to all members through webinars, lectures, and other activities.


Professional Search and Placement Services

ASHP understands the impact a strong leader can have on an organization and our team of experts is ready to help you find the right fit for your hospital or health system. In addition to identification of top candidates, ASHP will also provide consultative support to the successful candidate and organization for 12 months after hire.


Publications and Online Resources

ASHP’s print and electronic publications cover many specialties and issues pharmacists encounter in their everyday practice. We offer digital subscriptions and bundled packages to fit your needs.


Advising and Consulting

Recognized pharmacy practice experts provide advice and solutions for full spectrum of medication use in hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, and other healthcare settings.


PAI 2030

ASHP’s Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) 2030 includes recommendations to ensure that the pharmacy profession meets the demands of future practice and patient care delivery models. As healthcare evolves, PAI2030 provides pharmacists with the tools and guidance needed to continue to lead and shape the profession.


Innovation Center

The ASHP Innovation Center is designed to influence innovation and digital transformation in the safe and effective use of medicines. Member resources included education, advocacy, research, and entrepreneurship.


ASHP Certified Center of Excellence™ in Medication-Use Safety and Pharmacy Practice

Differentiate your hospital or health system and formally recognize your high-performing pharmacy department for excellence.


Certified Pharmacy Executive Leader (CPEL)

Sought-after credential that recognizes expertise as a pharmacy executive leader and demonstrated competency in areas such as professionalism, leading people, leading the pharmacy enterprise, and leading within and across complex health care systems.




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