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Community Pharmacy: Explore SafeMedication for Your Patients

Broadcast Date: September 13, 2022


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In this podcast episode, we host Dr. Melody Berg, ASHP’s editorial director for medication information. The discussion will explore ASHP’s page as a source of information about prescription and over-the-counter medications for patients. Written by pharmacists, the easy-to-read articles include information about vaccines, tips for taking or giving medications, and answers to common safety questions.


Melody BergDr. Melody Berg is the Editorial Director for Patient Medication Information for ASHP. She completed her PharmD at Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy, Masters in Public Health at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and residency training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Midwestern University. Prior to coming to ASHP, Dr. Berg worked as a clinical pharmacy specialist in internal medicine, HIV and tuberculosis; as well as a content specialist for drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction content for embedded clinical decision support systems at Wolters Kluwer.

Gina LuchenDr. Luchen serves as the ASHP director of Member Relations for the Sections of Pharmacy Educators and Community Pharmacy Practitioners. In this role, Dr. Luchen leads initiatives that influence practice and education across the care continuum. Dr. Luchen completed her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Kansas, a community-based residency with the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy and Balls Food Stores, and the Executive Fellowship in Association Leadership and Management at ASHP.

The information presented during the podcast reflects solely the opinions of the presenter. The information and materials are not, and are not intended as, a comprehensive source of drug information on this topic. The contents of the podcast have not been reviewed by ASHP, and should neither be interpreted as the official policies of ASHP, nor an endorsement of any product(s), nor should they be considered as a substitute for the professional judgment of the pharmacist or physician.