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Pursuing a Career in Pharmacy Administration: Advice from a Current Leader

Broadcast Date: September 21, 2020


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In today’s episode student pharmacists Nima Ataei and Aaron Johnson sit down with the Corporate Assistant Vice President of Pharmacy Services for MedStar Health, Dr. Bonnie Levin. Dr. Levin will be discussing the important aspects and nuances of the administration side of pharmacy as well as the steps you need to take to become successful in pharmacy administration. Dr. Levin will also touch on a myriad of topics such as working at an institution highly regarded around the world, tips for prospective students, and more.


Nima AtaeiNima Ataei is a third-year pharmacy student at Nova Southeastern University with a passion for innovation. Nima’s passion for pharmacy began when he decided to volunteer at the Boca Regional Hospital during his undergraduate studies in South Florida. After his undergraduate studies he pursued an internship at TEVA Pharmaceutical and also received his Master’s in Pharmaceutical Affairs prior to starting his PharmD degree in 2018. He is currently a Pharmacy Intern at Publix Pharmacy and holds a couple leadership positions including President of the PLS Pharmacy Leadership Society Omega Chapter & APhA-ASP Operation Heart chair at NSU College of Pharmacy. Most recently, Nima has started his own Health Media platform/Podcast (Hour Invite) showcasing different healthcare professionals, and all the innovations they are bringing to the forefront. Nima looks forward to contributing to the healthcare field and helping deliver the highest quality care to society.

Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnson was born in Broward County Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in Biology. He is currently a P3 student at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy (NSU-COP) a. Post graduation from UCF he decided to volunteer at a hospital to gain insight into the pharmacy profession. He has been able to collaborate with other members of a healthcare team including Physicians, Pharmacists, and Nurses to get a better understanding of how Pharmacist play their integral role and how they help the healthcare system. He has been an avid basketball player all throughout his childhood and many of his life lessons have been gleaned from being apart of a team. He has worked for the Miami Heat NBA basketball team for 13 years and is also a personal trainer as well as a basketball referee. He is a Co-Creator of the Hour Invite Health Media Platform which shows the innovations of the healthcare industry. His future goal is to complete a Residency in administration while also creating a health media platform that will change healthcare.

Bonnie LevinBonnie Levin, PharmD, MBA, FASHP, is Assistant VP, Pharmacy Services for MedStar Health, an integrated health system in Maryland and Washington, D.C. that includes ten hospitals (academic and community), ten outpatient pharmacies, a centralized distribution/IV admixture service, specialty pharmacy, pharmacogenomics and ambulatory care. Dr. Levin leads the pharmacy enterprise’s strategy, technology and supply chain. She co-chairs the system Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, 340B Steering Committee and oversees networks of leaders, clinicians, buyers, informaticists, oncology practitioners and medication safety pharmacists. Previously, she served as Director of Pharmacy and Behavioral Health and in clinical and administrative roles in community hospitals in Maryland and California. Interests include medication safety, informatics and mentoring students and emerging leaders. Dr. Levin received a PharmD. from the University of Maryland and an M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins and is a Fellow of the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists. She chaired the Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers’ Advisory Group SAG on Multi-Hospital Health System Pharmacy Leaders, served on the Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology Advisory Group and in leadership positions in state chapters. She currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council of Notre Dame School of Pharmacy, the MSHP Legislative Affairs Council, Vizient’s Pharmacy Executive Council and the ASHP Council of Pharmacy Management.

The information presented during the podcast reflects solely the opinions of the presenter. The information and materials are not, and are not intended as, a comprehensive source of drug information on this topic. The contents of the podcast have not been reviewed by ASHP, and should neither be interpreted as the official policies of ASHP, nor an endorsement of any product(s), nor should they be considered as a substitute for the professional judgment of the pharmacist or physician.
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