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AJHP Call for Abstracts - Telehealth

AJHP invites the submission of abstracts for a future AJHP theme issue on the impact of pharmacists in telehealth, including comprehensive medication management, or telepharmacy programs across the continuum of care including the ambulatory and acute care settings. Dr. Hae Mi Choe (Clinical Professor, University of Michigan College of Pharmacy), Dr. Sandra L. Kane-Gill (Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy) and Dr. Michael Miller (Research Scientist, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute) will serve as the guest editors for this theme issue. The editors are interested in abstracts that describe programs or interventions involving activities and initiatives by pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy departments related to telehealth or telepharmacy, including interprofessional team-based care, patient assessment, prescribing, dispensing, medication administration, patient education, and ongoing monitoring.    Abstracts should (1) be limited to 500 words; (2) describe an innovative program related to telehealth or telepharmacy with measured clinical, safety, economic, and/or humanistic outcomes; (3) describe the roles of pharmacy department members and other healthcare providers; and (4) provide an overview of strategies used to overcome barriers to program implementation. The editors are particularly interested in abstracts related to telehealth or telepharmacy programs or initiatives in which the pharmacist and pharmacy department are central participants. The editors are also interested in programs that address underserved populations.

Abstracts, with cover letters, should be submitted by email to The cover letter should include complete contact information for the corresponding author, including his or her email address. Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to submit a full-length descriptive report about their program to AJHP for publication consideration. The invited full-length manuscripts will be subject to peer review.

Authors of abstracts submitted by November 30, 2020, will have the best chance of being invited to submit full-length manuscripts for possible inclusion in the theme issue.

Questions about abstract or manuscript submission should be directed to the journal’s editorial staff at 301-664-8661 or