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NPF Executive Committee Message

Megan Adelman
Pharm.D., BCPS, BCGP

September 2019

Hello New Practitioners! We as an Executive Committee hope you’re enjoying the end of summer.  Also, we hope you are transitioning well into new positions, whether that is in residency or in post-residency/post-fellowship.  Even if you’re starting in a new role, it’s the right time to ensure your CV is up-to-date and highlights recent transitions and accomplishments.  For current residents, PPS and job interviews are in just a few months, which means that it’s critical to have your CV up-to-date. 

One of my favorite places to go for excellent resources is the ASHP CV Transition Toolkit [note: you will need to sign-in for member access].  The toolkit has multiple resources, including helpful tips for building and updating your CV, as well as, examples for different transitions and positions.  The NPF Career Development Advisory Group from 2018-2019 created new examples for students (transitioning to internships and APPE rotations) and new practitioners pursuing their first academia position.  Having an updated CV which highlights your skills and experiences is critical when searching for your next position.  Personally, my CV has experienced multiple “face-lifts” as I transitioned from a student to a resident to a clinical specialist.  The resources in the toolkit helped with each of my transitions. As an SSHP faculty advisor and preceptor, I love sharing this site with my learners so they are prepared for job and residency applications.

Another great resource for NPF members is the ASHP bi-annual CV Review Program.  This is an outstanding opportunity for members both to receive feedback but also to volunteer as a reviewer.  As a new practitioner, you can submit your CV for specific feedback (which is a new feature of the program).  Not sure if your residency rotations are well represented of your experience? Unsure if you should keep certain projects on your CV?  You can specifically put in the comments for an external reviewer to review these sections and provide comments.  On the other side, all new practitioners can serve as reviewers for learners.  I have participated since graduating and have loved the experience to provide informal mentorship.  I encourage you to consider these opportunities to get involved with ASHP or utilize these resources to create your own brand.  

Do you have ideas for how the New Practitioners Forum can continue to meet your CV needs? Message me, Megan Adelman, on ASHP Connect or e-mail and let’s get the conversation going!


Megan Adelman, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP
Member, New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee

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