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Strategies for Success

Ways to Promote the National Pharmacy Week

  1. Talk to Your Administrator(s)

    Explain the goals and the patient education benefits of National Pharmacy Week to help build a sense of teamwork within your hospital or healthcare setting. Be sure to invite your administrator(s) to participate in the week’s activities.

  2. Enlist the Experts

    Your organization’s public relations department can be a valuable resource. Set up a meeting with the director or events coordinator to brainstorm activities that are best suited to your practice setting.

  3. Set a Goal

    Choose activities to help you achieve your objectives. If you’d like to build a better rapport with other health professionals or host a pharmacy open house, schedule a pharmacy tour. If you would like to focus on pharmacists’ role in educating patients about safe medication use, schedule a meet and greet, or plan to host a brown bag workshop.

  4. Get the Word Out

    Make sure that people know about Pharmacy Week and the activities you have planned. Use digital signs or your employee website to communicate with staff. Spread the word to patients with notes on meal trays or with personal room visits. Publicize community events like health fairs at least four weeks in advance with notices at libraries and grocery stores as well as announcements in local newspapers.

  5. Make Your Message Stick

    Think of ways that will help your audience remember the key points of your presentation after the celebration is over. Give participants handouts on safe medication use and giveaways such as pens or magnets to remind them of the pharmacy staff’s role in their healthcare.

  6. Pat Yourself on the Back

    Pharmacy Week is also a great time for pharmacy staff appreciation events. Present your colleagues with tokens of appreciation such as gift certificates to favorite stores, or organize a social activity — and don’t forget your technicians. Pharmacy Technician Day is Tuesday, October 15.

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