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Program History

In 1968, ASHP introduced the Executive Residency in Association Management.

The ASHP Executive Residency was a postgraduate training program coordinated through the Executive Office at ASHP headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. The program was designed to train future association executives to work in and lead state and national associations. The Residency focused on the development of leadership and communication skills, problem solving techniques, and professional growth. Since its creation, graduates of the program have gone on to serve in leadership roles in associations, government, for-profit corporations, academia, philanthropy, pharmacy practice, and various other sectors.

On the 25th Anniversary of the ASHP Executive Residency in Association Management, ASHP paid tribute to three individuals who were instrumental in the creation and success of the program: Dr. Joseph A. Oddis, Dr. Warren E. McConnell, and Dr. Mary Jo Reilly. Between 1968 and 2009, thirty-six residents successfully graduated from the program.

After the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the program was put on hold. During that time, ASHP leadership had worked to reimagine and enhance the program. Among other enhancements, the name changed from the ASHP Executive Residency in Association Management to the ASHP Executive Fellowship in Association Leadership and Management which reflects most programs of this nature and also eliminates any confusion with accredited PGY-1 and PGY-2 residency training.

ASHP Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Paul W. Abramowitz, ASHP Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President, Dr. Kasey K. Thompson, and the ASHP Senior Leadership Team worked diligently to bring the program back. In 2017, ASHP selected their inaugural Executive Fellow.

Past Executive Residents and Fellows

2023-2024 Cho, Maria J.
Duarte, Alex J.
2022-2023 Lewis, Sajel P.
Lindsay, Taylor A.
Pinard, Autumn S.A.
2021-2022 Pierce, Gabrielle A.
Post, Hannah E.
Brooks, Marissa J.
2020-2021 Hipple Rosario, Jessie M.
Sackett, Rena A.
2019-2020 Larson, Bayli J.
Bresler, Micaela M.
2018-2019 Low, Karly M.
Luchen, Georgia G.
2017-2018 Chhay, Sophia R.
2008-2009 Banek, Kristin M.
2007-2008 Gilbreath, Marsha N.
2005-2006 Lipp, Crystal
2004-2005 Maloney, Lesley R.
2001-2002 Bethune, Jamilla-ann
2000-2001 O’Brien, John Michael
1999-2000 Thompson, Kasey K.
1998-1999 Daugherty, Amy M.
1997-1998 Mucha, Michelle M.
1996-1997 Martins, Ana M.
1995-1996 Kraemer, Andrea J.
1994-1995 Wilhelm, Lisa Hanlon
1993-1994 Bot, Jill A.  
1992-1993 King, D. Lance
1991-1992 Bonnarens, Joseph K.
1990-1991 Anderson, Eric R 
1989-1990 Bonnasso, Josephine
1988-1989 Hayes, Mark
1987-1988 Zetzl, Susan E.
1986-1987 Trueblood, Daniel L.
1985-1986 Ellis, William M.
1984-1985 Coster, John M.
1983-1984 Simonetti, Elizabeth M.
1982-1983 Millonig, Marsha K.
1981-1982 Peterson-Baxter, Sherri L.
1980-1981 Miller, Teresa A.
1979-1980 Wallner, Jon N.
1978-1979 Tighe, John T. III
1977-1978 Chetrick, Tom  
1977-1978 Miller, Barrie R.
1976-1977 Bray, June Woodruff
1975-1976 Vengrofski, Ann M.
1973-1974 Enright, Sharon Murphy
1971-1972 Ekstam, Marilyn Bearden
1970-1971 Young, Carolyn A. Lussier
1968-1969 Leong, Lawrence H.
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