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Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics

Staying informed of the latest developments in clinical pharmacy is essential for pharmacists to deliver optimal patient care.

ASHP provides pharmacists with extensive resources, including evidence-based professional development materials, continuing education sessions, policy updates, and research opportunities. ASHP is committed to keeping pharmacists at the forefront of evolving pharmacy practice.

Explore essential ASHP resources and opportunities concerning clinical pharmacy and therapeutics. Engage with the different niches within ASHP’s Sections and Forums that resonate with you to keep informed about ongoing ASHP initiatives and to contribute to the development of more valuable content.

Clinical Publications

Explore the latest ASHP publications related to clinical pharmacy. From comprehensive, unbiased drug information and interpreting lab data, to simplifying pharmacokinetics, we provide reliable resources you need to make informed patient care decisions.



Certificates and Certifications

Enhance your clinical expertise with ASHP Professional CertificatesSM, which are tailored for practitioners and provides high-quality, practical education across various clinical specialties. Simplify your board certification journey with premier, interactive content developed by pharmacy experts.


Initiatives, News, and Policy

ASHP is a premier source of news for pharmacists, offering updates on best practices, developments, and trends in pharmacy practice to effectively serve patients in an evolving healthcare landscape.


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Explore grants and awards that support innovative health services research, promote advancements in pharmacy practice, prioritize medication safety, and improve patient outcomes.