Introducing ASHP’s
We’re Your Pharmacist
Public Awareness Campaign

Dear Colleagues,

Today, we are proud and excited to announce the launch of We're Your Pharmacist, our long-awaited national public awareness campaign to showcase the vital patient care you provide as hospital and health-system pharmacists.

Through videos and written stories, across digital and print media, and across all ASHP communications channels, We’re Your Pharmacist has a big message to share — that pharmacists are integral to patient care in all hospital and health-system settings. We are on teams at the bedside, the inpatient pharmacy, clinics and physician offices, community pharmacies, specialty pharmacy, in homes, and via telehealth and digital care platforms. Your work, no matter your specialty or care setting, is essential and positively impacts patient outcomes.

The video and stories on the We’re Your Pharmacist campaign website are just the beginning of a comprehensive, multi-year effort. Over the coming weeks and months, we will highlight and share more pharmacist stories to demonstrate the diversity of your roles and perspectives.  

We’ll show pharmacists in hospitals and health systems practicing in the full range of specialties — cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, emergency medicine, critical care, psychiatry, women’s health, pharmacotherapy, primary care, informatics, and more. We will capture how pharmacists work in and across all settings of care. The campaign will help bring pharmacy practice in hospitals and health systems to life for the public and demonstrate how all of you positively affect patient care every day.   

We will also spotlight physicians, nurses, and other healthcare colleagues sharing how hospital and health-system pharmacists make medication use optimal, safe, effective, and accessible. And patient stories will showcase the remarkable care you provide and the positive difference that the pharmacist—patient relationship makes in their lives. In future years of the campaign, we will continue to expand and evolve our messaging as we seek to reach and inspire the next generation of hospital and health-system pharmacists.

Since we first announced our plans last June, we have been hard at work developing the campaign, talking with dozens of pharmacists, building our website, and creating a robust array of campaign messages to reach the public and tell your stories. We are thrilled that launch day has finally come and we can share this work with you.

To make the biggest possible impact, we will need your help to share our campaign messaging across your network and connections. We have created tools to make it simple, from tips on sharing ASHP-posted content on your social platforms to templates for creating custom digital graphics and sharing your own stories. Special toolkits have also been developed for our state affiliates, schools and colleges of pharmacy, and hospitals and health systems to spread the word on this important initiative. Visit our special campaign section on to access these helpful resources.

Also critical to a successful public awareness campaign is significant and sustained investment. ASHP has stepped up by committing $3 million in initial funding, and earlier this year, the ASHP Foundation pledged $1 million in campaign support. Moving forward, ASHP and the ASHP Foundation will be raising additional dollars to amplify our message and extend the duration and impact of the campaign.

We’re Your Pharmacist is a campaign for you, and about you and ultimately for your patients. It is also about ensuring a pipeline of highly qualified applicants to schools and colleges of pharmacy.  They are the future of our profession.  And we are just getting started. We know there are many more stories to tell and we want to hear yours. Visit story to share your perspective and stay tuned for campaign updates in future CEO blogs. Be sure to follow ASHP on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) so you can share the campaign with your network.

We all know the impact and value hospital and health-system pharmacists bring to patient care. And now, with We’re Your Pharmacist, everyone else can know, too.

Thank you for everything you do for your patients and our profession.



Posted on May 30, 2024